You’re using Pinterest wrong for home decor

  If you’ve ever relied on Pinterest to find home decor style ideas and thought “this must be true because it’s on Pinterest,” then professional interior designer Leslie Hart-Davidson from HDD Studios would like a stern word with you. In the same way that hypochondriacs will search WebMD until they find a diagnosis of theirRead More

Risk-Based Thinking in Planning (6.0): Using the Business Operating System Approach

In the 1990s, Omnex worked with Ford Motor Co. to develop the Ford quality operating system methodology, which with maturity and broad experience has evolved into Omnex’s business operating system (BOS) process. The quality operating system promised and has delivered the following: • Cross-functional management • Visual management • Process orientation • Continual improvement teams OmnexRead More

6 display settings you should be using in Windows 10

Windows 10 Creators Update added two display settings that make sitting in front of your laptop or PC a more pleasant experience. I’ll cover these two new display settings along with some old standbys so you can get Windows 10 ($92.99 at looking its best. 1. Use the night light at night Staring atRead More

Google Sheets Can Now Make Charts on Request Using Machine Learning

HIGHLIGHTS The updates are already available on Android and iOS Explore feature was added to the app last year Update adds support for spreadsheet shortcuts to the Web version Google Sheets is already a useful productivity tool but the search giant has now updated it to add some more machine learning features. While users couldRead More

Using Plugins to Fatten Your Bass Tones

Direct In boxes have proven to be one of the key innovations in the relatively short history of recording bass guitar. Using a DI is a great way to get a full, dry bass tone that can be improved and boosted in all sorts of ways for all sorts of styles. Especially now that ampRead More

Molecular Black Hole Created Using World’s Most Powerful Laser

HIGHLIGHTS Scientists created a molecular black hole consisting of heavy atoms It was done with the help of a strong X-ray laser beam Unlike the real black hole, molecular version lets electrons out again Scientists, using the world’s most powerful X-ray laser, have successfully created a molecular black hole consisting of heavy atoms that suckRead More