Drug information leaflets are ‘impenetrable’ and ‘unreadable’: Medicine pamphlets must be improved so patients can understand them, report claims

Drug information leaflets must be improved so they can be more easily read and understood, a report claims. The Academy of Medical Sciences has called for the pamphlets that come in medicine boxes to be made clearer to ensure ‘comprehension and readability’ for patients. Drug leaflets should also include information on the benefits of takingRead More

Myers-Briggs Just Revealed Why Entrepreneurs Create So Much Conflict

“As a boss, you’re a terrible communicator.” This was a conversation that took place quite a few years ago during my corporate days. One of my direct reports had decided to give me a tongue-lashing. Looking back, I didn’t know my own personality–I’m an INFP with a weird entrepreneurial mindset. It’s a problem, because IRead More