How Apple Lost Last Week to Microsoft

Last week, Apple and Microsoft had dueling product launch events. And in the tech version of this “Who wore it better?” contest, the winner seems to be: Microsoft. That’s right. At least in the microcosm of last week, Microsoft has made Apple look like the square, after lifting the veil on a 28-inch touchscreen all-in-oneRead More

How To Discuss Money Goals With Your Other Half

Even the closest couples will agree that it is impossible to agree with each other all the time. And that’s what makes relationships special. Each person brings his or her own perspectives to the table. And if the relationship is a deep and mature one, both the individuals learn to move outside their own convictionsRead More

Facebook Moderation Guidelines Leaked, Show How It Reviews Hate Speech, Extremist Content

HIGHLIGHTS Challenges such as revenge porn have overwhelmed Facebook moderators It reviews around 6.5 million reports of potentially fake accounts a week It confirmed that it was using software to intercept graphic content Leaked Facebook documents show how the social media company moderates issues such as hate speech, terrorism, pornography and self-harm on its platform,Read More

Facebook Rainbow Reaction Is Here and This Is How You Can Get It Now

HIGHLIGHTS Facebook has added the Rainbow reaction to support LGBTQ Pride There are also Pride-themed masks and frames Pride-themed features on Facebook will till June-end Facebook has launched a new Rainbow emoji reaction, among several other features, in honour of the LGBTQ Pride Month — celebrated every year in June — and show support toRead More

How project management is optimizing real estate value in India

Over the last few decades, India has undergone rapid industrialization – predominantly in the manufacturing ‘clusters’, most of which thrive in and around the metropolitan cities of the country. Some of the prime movers for this rapid growth have been the steady increase in per capita income propelling urbanization, and the accurate perception of IndiaRead More

How Co-Living Spaces Reshape Real Estate Industry of India

India’s millennials, about 30% of our population, are typically changing jobs every 18-24 months and are increasingly valuing experiences over assets. This makes the concept of ownership no longer relevant for the urban Indian millennial. Especially when they think of homes. Millennials want flexible, social and affordable homes. They want to rent. Having said that,Read More

Separating Your Personal and Business Finances: Why and How

New business owners may seek to keep things simple and co-mingle their business and personal finances. This is a BIG mistake. Here’s why, and what you can to do to appropriately separate your financial activities. Why and How to Separate Your Personal and Business Finances Why Keep Finances Separate? There are important financial, legal andRead More