How finance brands can appeal to consumers’ emotions

  Ten years after the financial crisis of 2007-08 began to rock the economy, and following numerous malpractice and misselling scandals over the years, the media conversation is still dominated by negative perceptions of an industry that is struggling to regain customer trust. The findings of Edelman’s Trust Barometer make uncomfortable reading for the UKRead More

NEET Results 2017: How to challenge the OMR responses

The OMR answer sheets and responses to the questions marked by the candidates have been released today, on June 13, by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) at the official website The OMR sheet will be available only for two days instead of three days as mentioned in information bulletin. The Supreme CourtRead More

How to Get Lenders to Want to Finance Your Business

Many small businesses fail in the first few years, and one reason why is running out of money. If you’ve ever watched the television shows Dragon’s Den, Shark Tank or The Apprentice, you will know that one of the most important ways to achieve business success is to get the finances right. That means thinkingRead More

Separating Your Personal and Business Finances: Why and How

New business owners may seek to keep things simple and co-mingle their business and personal finances. This is a BIG mistake. Here’s why, and what you can to do to appropriately separate your financial activities. Why and How to Separate Your Personal and Business Finances Why Keep Finances Separate? There are important financial, legal andRead More

How to connect LibreOffice Base to a remote MySQL database

Image: Jack Wallen LibreOffice Base is a user-friendly GUI tool that makes working with databases fairly simple. The tool has the built-in ability to work on both local databases or even remote databases. However, when you attempt to connect to a remote MySQL database server, you’ll run into a couple of issues. I’m going toRead More

iOS 11 beta – How to download Apple’s brand new operating system ahead of its release date

Apple iOS 11 has been released and here’s how to download the beta version iOS 11 has now officially been unveiled with this new operating system bringing a swathe of improvements to the iPhone and iPad. This latest OS is packed with new features including improvements to Apple’s Siri smart assistant, better photography features and even the abilityRead More

How to solve the productivity puzzle

As productivity growth continues to stall in the developed world, Rachel Connolly asks, can frontier firms give some insight into the solution?Solving the productivity growth puzzle holds the key to an increase in wages and living standards It is hard to overstate the role productivity has played in the prosperity we enjoy in the developedRead More

How future electric cars could recharge on the road

What if electric cars could recharge while speeding along the highway — freeing drivers to go greater and greater distances without having to stop and plug in? Researchers are working on it. A team from Stanford University reported their latest advance in a research paper published Thursday in the journal Nature. In the paper, theyRead More