4 Easy Steps to Effective Guest Blogging That Will Make Google Happy

  There’s no doubt about where Google stands on guest blogging. Google has repeatedly made it clear to site owners and SEOs that guest posting for the explicit purpose of building links is dangerous. And I agree. But this doesn’t mean guest blogging is bad. It just means guest blogging is being done badly. What’s Wrong With Guest PostingRead More

Siri Far Behind Alexa and Google Assistant, Says Ex-Apple Employee: Report

  HIGHLIGHTS Siri reportedly hasn’t mastered many skills that its competitors have Apple employees feel HomePod is no competition to Amazon Echo HomePod has been publicised more as a good quality audio speaker While Siri is one of the oldest voice-based virtual assistants to exist, post WWDC reactions to the voice assistant has been lessRead More

Google for Jobs Starts Rolling Out in Search on Desktop and Mobile

HIGHLIGHTS Job hunters will be able to go to Google and see help-wanted listings The feature is available only in English, on both desktop and mobile Google will also show employer ratings from current and former workers Google is trying to turn its search engine into an employment engine, with a feature called Google forRead More

Google Releases New Version of Spinnaker Cloud Code Update Platform

Google has released a new version of Spinnaker, an open-source software release management platform for deploying application code to the cloud. Video streaming giant Netflix originally developed the technology to enable continuous delivery of software updates to its hosted applications and services on Amazon’s cloud platform. In 2014 Netflix began working with Google and aRead More

Facebook, Google Are Managing the Internet When It Suits Them

Google and Facebook are facing new competition to their online business models after President Donald Trump signed a bill putting Internet service providers on a path to being able to monetise online users the same way these technology giants do. Next up is the threatened unwinding of the Obama administration’s net neutrality rules, which couldRead More

Google Local Shopping Tells Customers You Have It In Stock

Are you a local small business retailer? If so, Google made an announcement last week that you should pay attention to. Are you listening? A few months ago Google began experimenting with Google Local Shopping, a service that lets customers find and buy products that are in stock nearby. Whether it’s a certain kind ofRead More

Bing Rolls Out Mobile Ad Targeting – Now on Par With Google

Bing Ads fully rolled out the pilot launch of its mobile ad platform recently, setting the stage for competition with Google AdWords putting Bing Ads on par with the undisputed search leader’s ad network. The update to Bing Ads brings with it expanded device targeting, allowing for greater control of bids specific to device type. AdvertisersRead More