Five Pieces of Gear That Are Always in My Photography Bag

With every job or concept we go to shoot, our gear that we take with us is constantly changing. We take our full lighting setup for a day in the studio then we turnaround and pack a separate bag to go shoot in the mountains for that perfect sunset. The gear we take with usRead More

Five steps for flawless bridal make-up on your wedding day

THE quest for flawless make-up that will last for hours is a must for most brides ahead of their big day. But finding wedding make-up that works can be tricky. Huddersfield make-up artist Zoe Letitia explains: “It’s the one day you want to look and feel amazing. Having professional make-up not only allows you toRead More

SBI not ruling out write-offs, post merger of five associates

MUMBAI: In the wake of ballooning bad loans, public-sector State Bank of India (SBI), isn’t ruling out write-downs or write-offs following the merger with five associates. “There can be no assurance that the bank will not have to undertake write-downs or write-offs in connection with the merger, which could have a negative impact on itsRead More