Get to Know These Key Financial Terms

There’s no shortage of small business advice about marketing, social media and inspiration to not give up, However, the small business owner must pay attention to the financial nuts and bolts of business operations. It’s the best way to make the wisest business decisions. You may encounter terms on business websites or when working with anRead More

An Unexpected Opportunity? Financial Services for Millionaires

Everyone knows it is hard to get rich, but it can be even harder to stay rich. Entrepreneurs have visions success and wealth, but few are prepared when success actually finds them. It can be difficult to suddenly manage assets, investments, and tax planning — and yet the financial services industry has struggled to provideRead More

Most Financial Institutions Still Hesitant to Serve Cannabis Businesses

Few things in business are more devastating than your bank telling you they’re closing your accounts, especially when you’ve done nothing wrong. In the U.S., the growing marijuana industry knows this feeling all too well. Small Business Trends spoke with an ancillary business owner who had nightmarish problems with two major financial companies. (“Ancillary”, in cannabis commerce,Read More