Debian 9 Stretch operating system released

While there’s a new version of the popular Ubuntu operating system every six months, the OS is based on Debian, a Linux-based operating system with a reputation for stability… and much slower updates. It’s been more than two years since Debian 8 was released. And now Debian 9 is finally available. The new operating systemRead More

Secure OS Tails 3.0 Launches With Debian 9 Base, Redesigned Interface

Tails, the “read-only” Linux-based operating system that routes all internet traffic through the Tor anonymity network, has now reached version 3.0. The new release dropped 32-bit support to increase security and adopted the latest Tor Browser 7.0, and it also comes with a more polished desktop interface. How Tails Works Tails, the operating system thatRead More