Apple’s latest iOS to target distracted driving

You’re stuck in standstill traffic and you haven’t moved in 20 minutes. You feel your phone buzz in your pocket, so you pull it out. But Apple’s next update might stop you from being able to reply. The technology giant recently announced their iOS 11 will have a optional feature that withholds notifications while you’re driving.Read More

iOS 11 beta – How to download Apple’s brand new operating system ahead of its release date

Apple iOS 11 has been released and here’s how to download the beta version iOS 11 has now officially been unveiled with this new operating system bringing a swathe of improvements to the iPhone and iPad. This latest OS is packed with new features including improvements to Apple’s Siri smart assistant, better photography features and even the abilityRead More

What you need to know about Apple’s new podcast analytics

The world’s biggest platform for podcasts is going to shed new light on the state of advertising in the space. On Friday, Apple announced it would soon begin offering podcast creators some rudimentary audience analytics. Here is what you need to know about Apple’s announcement. The state of podcasting: • Podcasting started as an Apple-dominatedRead More


IN 2017, IT seems like everyone has a podcast. Hillary Clinton. Your utility company. Hypothetical spokespeople for Darth Vader’s utility company. But they all have one thing in common: They have no idea who’s listening. Thanks to Apple’s commitment to user privacy, along with the ubiquity of its Podcasts app, there hasn’t been a wayRead More