PrintTable Large Format 3D Printer Created Using IKEA Tables For Just $395

Anyone who has considered purchasing a 3D printer has been restricted by budget for the larger format machines currently available, may be interested in a new large format 3D printer that has been built using two IKEA tables costing $8 each. The PrintTable has been created by Wayne Mason-Drust check out the videos below toRead More

Necksound Wireless Wearable Speaker Offers Headphone Free Audio (video)

Anyone who enjoys listening to music or audio but would prefer to lose the need to wear headphones in certain situations, may be interested in this very unique wireless wearable speaker called Necksound. The smart speaker has been created by Necksound Solutions based in Valencia Spain and has been designed to provide high-quality audio withoutRead More

DWISS M2 Automatic Swiss Watch Hits Kickstarter

DWISS has launched a new Kickstarter campaign this week to raise the funds it requires to take its new DWISS M2 Automatic Swiss Watch to market offering you the most affordable way to purchase the new watch without any third-party sales merchants involved. The DWISS M2 is equipped with a ETA 2824-2 SWISS movement andRead More

ULed Ultra Bright LED Torch Turnd ” Night To Day”

Anyone who is in the market for an ultra bright LED torch might be worth giving the new ULed torch a little more investigation as the compact pocket size torch is capable of providing a huge amount of luminosity. The ULed LED torch has been designed to be the most powerful torch of its kindRead More

Fruit Ninja Lands On the HTC Vive (Video)

Fruit Ninja has been a very popular game on smartphones and tablet and now the game is headed to Virtual Reality on the HTC Vive. The video below gives us a look at the game play of the new Fruit Ninja VR gae running on the HTC Vive. Fruit Ninja VR takes squishy, satisfying gameplayRead More

Gravity Bluetooth Speaker By LFAudio (video)

A new Bluetooth speaker has been created by LFAudio called Gravity, and launched this week via Kickstarter to raise the $21,000 the team needs to take the unique speaker into production. The Gravity Bluetooth speaker is equipped with a base enhancer and Class-D anti-distortion amplifier all enclosed in a rugged, rubber coated outer making itRead More

Emily Wants to Play Launches On PlayStation 4 August 9th 2016 (video)

If you like a scare and survival horror games you will be pleased to know that Shawn Hitchcock Founder and Developer at SKH Apps as announced their horror game, Emily Wants to Play, will be launching for the PlayStation 4 early next month on August 9th, 2016. The Emily Wants to Play survival horror containsRead More

BOB Desktop And Device Tidy And Device Stand (video)

Anyone looking for a way to keep their desk tidy and also view their mobile devices may be interested in a new desktop organiser and device stand called BOB, which has been created by Bang Creations located in London. BOB has launched via Kickstarter this month and has already raised the required funds it needs toRead More

Nura Headphones Designed To Adapt To Your Individual Hearing (video)

Nura has developed a very unique pair of headphones that have been specifically designed to adapt to your unique individual hearing requirements. The unique in-ear and over ear design, automatically tunes to your unique hearing profile in just 30 seconds, allowing you to feel and hear every note of audio say Nura’s creators. Check outRead More

m.e. Audio Enhancement Allows You To Hear Everything (video)

Anyone looking for a way to enhance the audio from their smartphone, MP3 player, PC or anything else may be interested in a tiny audio enhancement device called m.e. which has been created by John Kasha. m.e. has been launched via Kickstarter this month with the aim of raising $384,000 over the next 40 days,Read More